Slow Down, Time.

"It feels like that just happened yesterday." This is something that I hear all of the time from others. In fact, I was someone who said that until May 2010. I was young and life was moving fast... too fast. In May 2010, my life changed. I was diagnosed with lung cancer. To make a... Continue Reading →


Perfectionism: The Perfect Everything

I am a recovering perfectionist. Being a perfectionist is an exhausting lifestyle. You live your life to please others. You also constantly worry about what others think of you, your family and what you are doing on a daily basis. I do think social media (particularly Facebook) has made recovering from perfectionism a more difficult... Continue Reading →

Postpartum Depression – The Spectrum

Any woman who has had a baby in the past 20 years has heard of the term postpartum depression. Experts describe it as depression that occurs after having a baby. When you think of depression, you think of sadness or being unmotivated. From my experience, postpartum depression was not sadness, rather a chaotic tornado of... Continue Reading →

Real Life – Forced Change

No one likes when something is 'forced' upon them. We all like to have some control over our lives. However, we all know that is not always possible. The examples of forced change in my life tend to be defining moments in my life. They were also moments where my resiliency increased. Some of them... Continue Reading →

Calming A Mother’s Fear

This post was a bit unplanned. However, there is a lot of talk about race in our United States society right now. I felt the need to talk about some of my truths. Some of my educational background is in sociology. Race is a word that as I attempted to understand the concept and why... Continue Reading →

Real Life – Prepared Change

Now the best of experts can give us all great advice. The hardest part is actually DOING what they may suggest. Real life does not have a rule book. It just happens. So I wanted to share some of my experiences with prepared change... 1) I currently have a 2 year old. I have potty... Continue Reading →

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