How I Will Teach My Child to Spell His Name

Full disclosure: I let my kids watch YouTube videos. Yes, I'm fully aware of the risks of the use of electronics. Here is another fact. My son enjoys watching Blippi. For those of you who may not know Blippi, I equate him to the modern Steve from Blues Clues. Educational contents, trying for parents to... Continue Reading →


Where is the Love? ~ A Love Letter to Myself

Recently, I have been exposed to a lot of conversations with people. Majority of these conversations have been focused on problems, weakness, issues, misrepresentation, judgment... All kinds of words that lead to being disheartened. Deep down, I'm a momma, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a humanitarian. How do I stay positive when... Continue Reading →

Our Toilet Training Adventure

Toilet Training is difficult. As I am going through this process, I am realizing that it is more difficult as a mother than it was as a professional helping other families. We have had some failed attempts at toilet training with our 2 year old. After each attempt, I try to come at it from... Continue Reading →

How Do I Help My Picky Eater?

Everyone has their likes and dislikes. Even adults have their favorite foods, least favorite foods and foods they will never try again. It's ok to have food preference. The problem is that if you have a limited food preference, you may not be getting all of the nutrients your body needs. When you are trying... Continue Reading →

Kid Tips: Dealing with Lice

As someone who is raising children, at some point, you will probably have to deal with lice. It is not a pleasant experience at all! I personally had to deal with it when my daughter came home with it (one week after I had my son). We did a chemical treatment that you buy at... Continue Reading →

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